LG Electronics Business Solutions Company

LCD and Plasma Display Televisions

LG Electronics anticipates future business trends and provides innovative products, solutions and services - including LCD and plasma display televisions - to meet consumer needs.

In 2009, LG reorganised its business units, creating the Business Solutions Company. LG’s Business Solutions Company products include digitally-enhanced security systems, a wide range of LCD monitors, versatile commercial displays, car infotainment and telematics solutions, and advanced audio systems. LG will continue to invest in these business solutions and product areas, setting new standards in technology.

Digital infotainment services

The Business Solutions Company aims to be a leading B2B infotainment company offering a total package for digital devices and solutions. To achieve this vision, we will focus on designing products around consumer insights, differentiating our solutions and optimising our business portfolio. Our success will depend on our ability to deliver operational excellence in marketing, R&D, supply chain management, production, quality control and customer support.

We work in the following product areas.

Security monitors and surveillance cameras

LG security incorporates smart technologies into its digital products. These include surveillance cameras, video recorders, security monitors and accessories. LG will continue to create security solutions that meet customer needs and advance the industry.

Eco-friendly LCD monitors

LG’s monitor business is growing far faster than the market average because of the company’s ability to blend smart technology and stylish design. LG has also gone to great lengths to create eco-friendly LCD monitors by reducing power consumption and eliminating harmful materials like mercury.

Commercial displays for hotels

Demand is growing for large commercial displays for use in hotels, hospitals and other public spaces, and LG plans to build on its existing success in this market by investing in additional research and development, while also expanding into new geographic territories.

Car infotainment systems

LG’s car infotainment business provides integrated multimedia systems and customised solutions both to car manufacturers and directly to consumers. Our product areas include complete multimedia devices that go far beyond regular car stereos or navigation systems. They incorporate telematics - an advanced driving information system - and high-end audio systems.

LG Electronics is working in cooperation with automakers like GM and Hyundai Motors to develop the highest-quality car infotainment systems.

A leader in LCD monitors and security cameras

LG has been responsible for many firsts in the world of electronics. In 1998 it launched the world’s first 18.1in LCD monitor. In 2004 LG introduced the FLATRON™ f-Engine, the world’s first picture-enhancing chip for LCD monitors. In 2008 the company launched a 570 TV lines resolution security camera.

Innovation and product design awards

LG has been awarded many awards that recognise its strong product design and innovation. At the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show the company was awarded the CES 2009 Innovation Award for the M4714 triple-view monitor. At the 2008 International Forum of Design LG won two iF Product Design Awards for the W84 LCD monitor and the W52 LCD monitor.

LG’s ability to create exceptional hardware lies in its thorough understanding of the intricate requests from its business customers. LG makes great hardware even better by matching it with exceptionally designed software. The end result is products that deliver incredible long-term value to retail and business customers.

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