Automatic Mini-Bar Systems for Hotels

BARTECH has been providing automatic mini-bars to the hospitality industry for more than 20 years.

Already selected by major hotel chains such as Hilton, Starwood, Marriott, Hyatt, Jumeirah, Pan Pacific, Kempinski and many others, BARTECH is now the world's leading company in its field with fully automatic minibars installed in more than 60 countries. Our system controls all types of operations : major chain and independent hotels, boutiques and casinos.

Our company's experience and long-term relations with the major hotel chains has allowed us to develop an unequalled expertise for minibar operations in luxury hotels.

Automated mini-bars for the hospitality industry

Our in-room mini-bars are connected to each other and to the BARTECH server within a network that is linked to the hotel's property management system (PMS). Mini-bars are automatically unlocked when guests check in and are locked again at check-out. Our mini-bar management application automatically posts mini-bar charges to the guest folio on the PMS and also records the status of all products inside the mini-bar.

A refill report is provided by the BARTECH system to mini-bar attendants to increase efficiency. Mini-bar refilling is operated by the hotel staff through means of a dedicated remote control that puts the system in a refilling mode on a room-by-room basis.

Benefits of automatic system for the hotel industry

Our system enables any hotel to reduce its staffing levels, shrinkage or losses and guest disputes at the front desk. Our products help achieve an optimal service quality by offering the following benefits:

Loss reduction: Thanks to the automatic billing system, the average loss percentage is reduced to an average of 2% instead of the 20%-40% incurred with simple manual mini-bars. The reliability of our system leads to a drastic decrease in rebates and puts an end to disputes at the front desk.

Labour savings: Our refill report provides an accurate list of products to be refilled per room. This limits the rooms to be checked by mini-bar attendants to those where products have been touched or consumed. This tremendously improves operating efficiency and also leads to decreased labour costs, with one mini-bar attendant needed to refill 400 automatic mini-bars, compared to four attendants for manual mini-bars.

Guest satisfaction: thanks to the information provided by our system, housekeeping staff no longer have to disturb guests to check mini-bars. In case of a dispute, a shortcut allows the front desk staff to easily check the status of products inside the mini-bar in real time. BARTECH also ensures an accurate stock control.

Energy saving: BARTECH provides the CESS function (Computerised Energy Saving System) as a standard feature to monitor cooling production per room according to room status. This allows the hotel to minimise cold production in vacant or out of service rooms. The feature generates savings of up to 30%, depending on occupancy and the hotel's preference for cooling levels.

Mini-bar systems for all budgets

Several remote or integrated sections are also available for the control of dry products.

With capacities from 40l to 75l, various door finishes and two types of cooling units, BARTECH can supply automatic mini-bars that suit any room decor.

As an alternative to our fully automatic mini-bars, we supply a range of semi-automatic minibars, the [SA] range, featuring minibar door locking/unlocking from the front desk and remote monitoring of cold production.

We also provide some upgradeable units, the [U] range, that are pre-cabled to become automatic at a later stage according to the hotel's budget.

All our products comply with environmental standards.

Unique mini-bar technology

Since the introduction of the first automatic open display mini-bar in the early 1990s, we have developed a unique full range of mini-bars. During development, we are committed to focusing on design, technology and the needs of our customers.

Our in-house R&D department has been dedicated to many improvements over the years and is constantly enhancing our software in accordance with the operational needs of our clients. The newly integrated features then become our standard offering, so that all customers benefit. We are proud to continually make system improvements that encompass the latest technologies and increase the efficiency of your hotel's mini-bar operations.

Always willing to combine technology with the latest market trends, we recently introduced the "Neobar" line, a new generation of automatic minibars coming with a very low market-leading energy consumption rate. Fitted with cyclopentane insulation and climate-friendly refrigerant R600a, the "new-born" of BARTECH minibars has a power consumption of less than 0,30 Kwh/ 24 h. Combined with the use of our standard "Computerised Energy Saving System" (CESS) functionality, "Neobar" achieves a consumption of less than 0,20 Kwh/ 24h.

Another innovation is the addition of ZigBee as a data communication method between our mini-bars and server, adding to our existing range of Ethernet, twisted pair, coax antenna and Wi-Fi. As a partner to the foremost providers of management solutions such as lighting, HVAC, audio/video and security, Bartech's minibars are part of the world's largest deployments of integrated in-room management systems communicating through ZigBee.

Worldwide presence

Our subsidiaries, distributors and agents are available around the world to assist our customers with expert advice, providing both regional and local technical support.

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