LG Electronics AC Company

Commercial and Residential HVAC Systems

LG Electronics AC Company is a leading player in the global heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market, manufacturing both commercial and residential HVAC systems. In addition to its core business, LG Electronics also provides total energy solutions such as LED lighting, solar energy, home management solutions (HMS), building management solutions (BMS) and hotel solutions.

Environmentally friendly HVAC systems

LG Electronics’ products create a comfortable atmosphere, using its green technology and stylish design, while also addressing environmental concerns. LG has developed a range of environmentally friendly components for its HVAC products, which also contribute to increasing energy efficiency through high performance. By consuming less energy, this can minimise environmental impact.

Custom HVAC systems

The company currently operates eight production facilities worldwide – in Brazil, China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Vietnam and Korea – and has a global presence. This global reach has helped the company respond actively to its customers’ needs and produce products that are tailored to different regions’ demands.

B2B HVAC systems and solar energy systems

As a part of the company’s strategic plan, LG AC is expanding its business horizons to the B2B sector, reinforcing its presence in the HVAC systems and solutions business. In 2010, the solar energy business was established to nurture the success of its B2B businesses. Based on its remarkable success in the HVAC market, LG expects to strengthen its leading position in the B2B market in alignment with energy solutions, in order to become a total solution provider.

HVAC and energy systems using green technology

In creating its products, LG looks closely at its customers’ requirements by conducting extensive research and incorporating the findings into products that reflect consumer needs. The introduction of health-conscious products is the result of these findings. LG aims to create comfort in every environment we live in to reach its goal of becoming the number one HVAC and energy solutions company.

Long-life HVAC systems and energy systems

LG Electronics anticipates future business trends and provides innovative products, solutions and services to meet consumer needs. The end result is HVAC systems and energy systems that deliver incredible long-term value to customers.

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