Decorative Light Fixtures and Glass Products

LASVIT designs and manufactures decorative light fixtures and glass products for interior decoration and architecture. Most of our designing and manufacturing is done in the heart of Europe - the Czech Republic, North Bohemia. This region has been famous since the early 11th century for its blown glass, crystal and chandeliers.

Custom-made light fixtures and glass sculptures for hotels

Combining both traditional methods and cutting-edge design, LASVIT develops and produces unique custom-made decorative light fixtures and glass sculptures for prestigious interiors such as lobbies and ballrooms of 5-star hotels, casinos, palaces and luxury residences.

Quality service for light fixture and glass sculpture design

LASVIT has always dedicated maximum effort to provide extended quality service to its clients. From the conceptual decorative lighting design and engineering solutions, manufacturing, pre-installation on-site visits, door-to-door deliveries, to installation, cleaning and maintenance, we continually remain in close contact with our clients.

Through this close contact we are able to ensure that deadlines are met and that the final product exceeds our clients' expectations. Our own sales and service branch offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US provide a tailor-made service to customers around the world. Our satisfied clients have always been our best references.

Custom-made decorative lighting fixtures and glass artworks

LASVIT's custom-made decorative lighting fixtures and glass artworks are designed and created to meet the specifications of both the interior designer and the client while still complying with the design and quality reputation of LASVIT. Custom designs are used when supplying for a specific interior, specifically but not limited to prestigious lobbies and ballrooms of 5-star hotels, casinos, palaces and luxury residences.

Limited-edition lighting and glass collections

LASVIT's exclusive collections of unique light fixtures and glass sculptures offer a dazzling catalogue of choices to enhance any space. In addition to our own exclusive collections, LASVIT offers its manufacturing, service and distribution expertise to world famous designers to develop limited-edition lighting and glass collections.

These unique light fittings and glass sculptures are offered through exclusive lighting and furniture shops and luxury boutiques in premiere world markets that cater to customers seeking specialised designs.

Examples of our work can be seen at: The Ritz Carlton DIFC, At.Mosphere Restaurant in Burj Khalifa, Dubai, The Four Seasons; MGM Grand; Grand Hyatt; Hard Rock Hotels, Macau; China World Trade Center; Fairmont Hotels, Beijing; Island Shangri-La, The Ritz Carlton and W Hotels, Hong Kong; The Marina Sands Casino and Fairmont Hotel, Singapore; The Four Seasons and Beverly Wilshire Hotels, Beverly Hills.

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