Geejam Hotel, Jamaica

Geejam is a boutique luxury hotel situated near the shores of north-east Jamaica in San San. The hotel is a two-hour drive from Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. Described as an 'urban luxury insider escape', Geejam sprawls over six acres on the San San Estate. It offers its guests relaxation amid dense bushes and close to some of the world's best beaches, including Frenchman’s Cove and the Blue Lagoon. The hotel also includes a recording studio.

The hotel was built by music veteran and hotelier Jon Baker along with Hong-Kong based Beaver Music label owner Steve Beaver in 2008. It is managed by Island Outpost, a group of hotels and villas in Jamaica and the Bahamas.


The hotel has three deluxe cabins, an exclusive suite and an independent bedroom villa. All the rooms are provided with a mini-bar, home theatre with digital surround-sound system and wireless internet connectivity. For local touring and excursions, guests can make use of a complimentary car and chauffeur service.

Sandwood private villa

Sandwood is a three-bedroom private villa, originally designed in the late 1960s by celebrated British architect Anthony Wade. Designed on a modern nautical theme, the villa consists of two upper-deck verandas, an outdoor private pool and a media lounge with Bose home theatre. The main room features an audio/visual library. It also displays a collection of private photography and pop art created by fans of Geejam.

Ska, Mento and Rock Steady deluxe cabins

"The hotel is a two-hour drive from Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston."

The Geejam has three deluxe cabins – Ska, Mento and Rock Steady. Named after three historic music genres in Jamaica, the cabins are in a private setting between banana trees overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Each of the cabins has a mellow and airy interior and an attached verandah. The rooms are octagonal in shape and are outfitted with glass doors that open on to an elevated view.

The Ska features a private Jacuzzi. The high-roofed Mento has a steam room in the bathroom, leading to a patio with a hammock.

Drum & Bass suite

The hotel has a suite named Drum & Bass on the ground floor of the recording studio. It consists of one bedroom studio, a 1,500ft² private deck area and an oversized bathroom. Through foldout panels made of Brazilian cherry wood, the room can be converted into an outdoor veranda with a 180-degree view.

Dining facilities

The Geejam houses one restaurant that serves custom-made local and international cuisine. Named Bushbar, the restaurant features a Teppanyaki grill, available for made-to-order Hibachi-style stir-fry dishes including meat, fish and vegetables. There is also a complete bar available in the restaurant.

Guests staying in the Sanwood can select from the Bushbar menu and dine in the cabin's own dining facility. Alternatively, they can also eat cuisine prepared by chefs hired exclusively for Sanwood residents.

Spa and fitness facilities

"The Geejam has three deluxe cabins – Ska, Mento and Rock Steady."

The spa facility at Geejam offers massages ranging from Swedish and aromatherapy to lymphatic drainage and pre-natal.

The fitness facility is equipped with free weights, treadmill, yoga mats and a punch bag. A personal trainer specialised in stretch therapy provides all the guests with a complimentary stretch session.

Recording studio

The hotel has a state-of-the art recording studio equipped with musical instruments. The recently renovated studio has been used by several A-list international music celebrities to pen and record their music. The studio, which comprises a sound lock, a 270ft² control room, 315ft² booth and a storage, is also used by non-professionals.

Brand philosophy

Geejam aims to be a unique destination for anybody who is seeking a creative retreat. Geejam's guests mostly comprise individuals from music, film, photography or fashion backgrounds. Geejam's manifesto is to become synonymous with creativity for globe-trotters and cross-cultural interaction.