Kube Hotel, France

Kube Hotel is a sea-side hotel about ten minutes' drive from St Tropez. The hotel includes swimming pools, a wellness area and gardens over an area of 53,820ft². It is the first high-tech luxury hotel in St Tropez. Murano Hotels & Resorts, the operators, inaugurated the hotel in June 2009.

Murano Hotels and Resorts own hotels, restaurants bars and spas. Founded in 2003, the company operates resorts and hotels under two brands – the Murano Resort and Kube Hotel. It has two Murano resorts in Paris and Marrakesh and two Kube Hotels in Paris and St Tropez. The Kube hotel in Paris was opened in 2005.

Kube Hotel accommodation

"The wellness centre features three massage rooms, a beauty treatment spa, an on-site hairdresser and a fitness centre that leads to the heated pool."

Kube Hotel in St Tropez has 41 rooms. Housed in four free-standing buildings, the rooms extend from 30m² to 100m² and are categorised as small, medium, large, extra large (XL), XXL and XXL terrace. Each room is furnished with lightweight furniture. The rooms are designed with white oak flooring and palatable coloured interiors including grey and white tones.

The hotel provides an attached balcony, terrace or a private garden to 28 of its rooms. Each room has an attached bathroom equipped with large squared basin sinks made of white enamel, rainwater shower-heads and huge bath tubs.

The hotel has eight 100m² suites. Each suite opens to a terrace that stretches 40m². The attached bathrooms of the suites are provided with steam-room style showers.

In-room amenities

All rooms are provided with a plasma screen TV with multimedia connectivity, a CD and DVD player, a 360° sound system, an iPod docking station and a game console. Each room is also equipped with a coffee-making facilities, LED lights with a dimmer, internet connection including ADSL and Wi-Fi, an in-room safe and a mini bar.

Health and wellness facilities

The hotel has two swimming pools on both sides of the main building. The sea-side swimming pool is 24m long and 8m wide. There is also a heated swimming pool that measures 8m in length and 8m in width.

The 1,076ft² wellness centre is located at the garden side of the hotel. The centre features three massage rooms, a beauty treatment spa, an on-site hairdresser and a fitness centre that leads to the heated pool.

Dining facilities

Kube has two restaurants. The main lounge restaurant that measures 160m² can host up to 50 people. It is supplemented by a 1,615ft² garden restaurant.

The hotel has three bars including, the sky bar at the roof, a pool bar besides the swimming pool and an interior ice bar. The sky and pool bars can together host parties for up to 100 people. The Ice bar, named ICE Kube by Grey Goose, is located at garden level. Measuring 65m², the ice bar is made completely out of ice. Apart from the walls, the bar, lounge and several sculptures found in the bar are carved out of 20t of ice. Multicoloured LEDs are used to backlit the ice.

"Kube's wine cellar can accommodate up to eight people for private dinners."

There is a 10m² large chef's table located at the centre of the hotel's kitchen. Guests can have breakfast, dinner or even take cooking classes at the chef's table.

The hotel also offers a wine cellar that boasts of nearly 10,000 wine bottles. Measuring 12m², the wine cellar can accommodate up to eight people for private dinners. It can also be privatised for conducting wine-tasting workshops. Kube Hotel also has a 100m² large roof terrace that can host parties.

The hotel offers several distinct private lounges in the main building. In front of the hotel's main building, there is a 5m long guest reception and welcome area designed in the form of a glass cube.

Meeting facilities

To cater for the business requirements of its guests, the hotel offers two conference rooms. Ranging between 55m² and 100m², the rooms can accommodate 50 to 150 people.

The logo

The hotel's logo, designed by famous designer Philippe Di Meo is composed into a cubical shape from the letters of the name Kube. The 3m-broad logo made up of a steel structure is backlit and placed like a UFO in the hotel's garden.