Sofitel New York, United States of America

The Sofitel New York hotel was opened in 2000 after Sofitel became part of Accor Group in 1997. The 30-storey limestone and glass building boasts a central tower, with 20-storey buildings on the either side of it.

Sofitel New York design

The 108.63m-high, 280,000ft² hotel was designed by Brennan Beer Gorman Architects and built by Component Assembly Systems. The hotel's design was selected through an architectural competition. In 2000 the hotel won the Emporis Skyscraper Award.

"The Sofitel New York hotel was opened in 2000."

Ballroom and lobby

The hotel has a 2,500ft² grand ballroom with windows two-and-a-half stories high. There are also seven conference rooms and a video-conferencing suite.

The lobby features a two-storey circular room with a curving staircase.


Visitors can experience a taste of traditional French cuisine at the Gaby restaurant and Gaby bar. Croissants are served for breakfast along with baguettes and local breads.

Guest rooms

The hotel has 398 rooms, classified as classic, superior and luxury, along with the Sofitel, Prestige and Imperial suites. The rooms include a lounge, a sleeping area and a marble bathroom. The classic rooms are on floors three to 14 and the superior rooms on floors 15 to 29. The luxury rooms are on floors three to 24. The Sofitel suites are on floors three to 29 and have a king-size bed and a separate living room.

"The Sofitel New York has 398 rooms, classified as classic, superior and luxury."

Each room has three telephones, broadband internet access and a minibar. Additional facilities in Sofitel suites include flat screen TV, a Bose radio, a feather SoBed and a pull-out sofa. Guests in executive suites are provided with a butler to unpack the luggage.

Sofitel features an all-feather MYBED bed with an extra duvet. The MYBED covers 25% of the total room area. The bathroom takes up 35% and the lounge covers the remaining area.

French connection

Guests at Sofitel hotels get to experience a blend of local and French hospitality. Aswell as French cuisine and wines, the hotel also features French interior design and art. French toiletries are used in the rooms. Bastille Day is also celebrated at the hotel.


The first Sofitel hotel was opened in 1964 in Strasbourg, as a subsidiary of Parisian and Dutch banks. The Accor Group was formed in 1983 and Sofitel was initially a part of it until 2008 when it became an independent entity.

The first Sofitel hotel in the US was opened in 1974 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sofitel opened its New York hotel, along with a property in downtown Philadelphia, in 2000 after being dormant in the US for ten years.

Sofitel elevated its brand as a premium luxury hotel chain in 2007. It has 150 hotels across 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.